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Playing on the Pro Golf Tour
1. What is the Pro Golf Tour?


The Pro Golf Tour founded in 1997 and run under the name EPD Tour until 2012 is taking place for the 21th time in 2017. Prize money of  EUR 620,000 will be distributed to participating professionals between January and October at probably more than 21 tournaments in up to six countries. Besides PGA of Germany, or its parent company Professional Golf AG based in Munich, the Pro Golf Tour's other shareholder is Langer Sport Marketing GmbH.

The Pro Golf Tour is recognised by the European Tour as a gateway to the Challenge Tour and is therefore one of four official satellite tours. That means: anyone who occupies one of the top rankings in the Pro Golf Tour Order of Merit at the end of the season is authorised to play on the Challenge Tour the following year. The ranking list leaders are also exempt from level 1 of the Qualifying School and have therefore already overcome the first hurdle on their way to the premier league of golf, the European Tour.

Last but not least, the steadily growing popularity of outstanding international players confirms that the Pro Golf Tour is becoming more attractive from year to year and is enjoying a superb reputation as a professional tour and suitable gateway to the Challenge Tour. The quality and size of the field of participants is continuously rising accordingly. There are up to 156 players in total who tee off at the Pro Golf Tour tournaments. Participants come from over 25 different nations.

The most famous former member of the tour is Martin Kaymer from Mettmann, who won the ranking list in 2006 with five tournament wins, played a new record round of 59 at the Habsberg Classic and qualified in the same year for the European Tour via the EPD Tour and Challenge Tour (two wins). Martin Kaymer climbed to first place in the golf world rankings on 28th February 2011.


2. What conditions does a professional need to fulfil to play on the Pro Golf Tour?


Any professional can take part in the Pro Golf Tour tournaments.  As a result there are no barriers to entry that players have to overcome. It is also possible to join the Pro Golf Tour at any time during the season.


3. Is a Q-School played on the Pro Golf Tour?


A Qualifying School takes place every year in October. The reason for the Qualifying School was to give new, and existing players the opportunity to gain or improve their category for the following season.

The Pro Golf Tour still remains a freely accessible tour, thus enabling all professionals and good amateurs (minimum handicap -3,4), to play in tournaments run by the Pro Golf Tour and gain experience as a tour golfer.

Please be aware that it is NOT a requirement to obtain a category to be able to participate in Pro Golf Tour tournaments. . 

Categories 2017:

  • CAT 1  Winners of Pro Golf Tour Tournaments 2016
  • CAT 2  TOP 20 of the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2016
  • CAT 3  TOP 10 of the Qualifying School 2016
  • CAT 4  TOP 5 of the Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2017 & Winners of Pro Golf Tour Tournaments 2017
  • CAT 5  TOP 5 of the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2012 - 2015
  • CAT 6  Players finishing in positions 21-50 in the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2016
  • CAT 7  Eight invitations to be decided by the Pro Golf Tour
  • CAT 8  Players finishing in positions 11-40 of the Qualifying School 2016
  • CAT 9  Players finishing in positions 51-90 in the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2016
  • CAT 10 Players finishing in positions 41-70 of the Qualifying School 2016


4. Do I need to be a member of the Pro Golf Tour?


Any golfer can play up to three tournaments without being a member. Membership is required when you register for the fourth tournament.


5. Can amateurs play on the Pro Golf Tour?


Yes, amateurs are always welcome on the Pro Golf Tour. Any amateur with a handicap of -3.4 or better can take part in a Pro Golf Tour event. Professionals are given preference with the awarding of starting places. In the summer months with fields of participants of up to 156 players it is generally not a problem for amateurs to take part in a Pro Golf Tour tournament.


6. How high are the starting fees and membership fees?


The starting fees  are as follows:

Pro Golf Tour members: EUR 250 per tournament
Non-members: EUR 300 per tournament (max. 3 tournaments)
PGA of Germany members: EUR 250 per tournament (max. 3 tournaments)
Late entry fee:  EUR 50 (in addition to starting fee)
Amateurs; EUR 200 per tournament


7. How can I register for the Pro Golf Tour?


Professionals and amateurs can create their own account on the Pro Golf Tour website under Player Login ( and register for all tournaments and membership here. All information about the Pro Golf Tour as well as the tour rules are then automatically sent to the player.


8. When is the registration deadline for each tournament?


The registration deadline is between 7 -21 days (midday) before the tournament. Late entry is always possible if there are any starting places left.

Please note the different entry closing date for tournaments in Egypt and Morocco.


9. Your contact in case of any other questions
Tour Manager
Pro Golf Tour
Mark Rothballer
Durchwahl: 089-179588 48