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2016 Rules Updates

The R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA) have published the 2016 edition of the Rules of Golf and the 2016 edition of the Rules of Amateur Status that both took effect on January 1, 2016. Both revised publications are the culmination of the normal four-year review cycle and are collaborative works by The R&A and the USGA that apply worldwide to all golfers.

Among the most significant of the changes in the 2016 edition of the Rules are the following:

  • Withdrawal of Rule on Ball Moving After Address
  • Limited Exception to Disqualification Penalty for Submission of Incorrect Score Card
  • Modification of Penalty for a Single Impermissible Use of Artificial Devices or Equipment
  • Prohibition on Anchoring the Club While Making a Stroke


For further details please check the official R&A Rules of Golf website.

Please do also check our DOWNLOAD section for Rules & Regulations.